RELIEFS PETITIONED FOR. We, the undersigned citizens of the Town of Franklin, request our Town Council take these actions to preserve and protect the rural character of life in the Town of Franklin, Delaware County, State of New York:

  1. ENACT a Road Use Ordinance requiring Responsible Parties pay to document the condition of the Town roads prior construction, maintain access during construction, and restore roads to original (or better) conditions after construction.
  2. ENACT an Industrial Continuous-Noise Ordinance with the maximum of 55 decibels along and beyond the borders of an industrial property,
  3. PASS a resolution of Unconditional Opposition to construction of the Compressor Station in the Town of Franklin — no station period!
  4. MAINTAIN and ENFORCE existing Rural Zoning laws such as minimum setback of 1,000 feet from property lines for new industry,
  5. ENFORCE existing Agricultural District laws such as required “Notice of Intent” for converting ag district farm land to non-agricultural uses.
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Compressor Free Franklin
PO Box 885
Franklin, NY 13775